WW6718- Clinical Coder Educator Auditor - Full - Time - SNSWLHD, Queanbeyan, NSW.

Seeking 2 FTE to lead, design and implement coding capability building initiatives including education, audit, analysis and advice to create an effective internal control environment which ensures clinical documentation is complete to meet statutory compliance, patient safety and activity based funding requirements and to optimise revenue through activity reporting.

Responsibilities / Duties: 

• Manage the design, implementation and monitoring of audit and risk management initiatives to reduce clinical documentation vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with coding standards through visible structured planning.
• Locate, analyse, synthesise and report on coding data, trends and metrics to deliver improved clinical coding results which meet or exceed KPIs.
• Use listening, influence and collaboration to understand, create synergy and bridge the knowledge gap between the information recorded by clinical workforce and how this is interpreted and coded.
• Manage, develop and deliver education, frameworks and resources to build capability in clinicians and coders.
• Mentor and supervise the coding workforce to create professional development and career opportunities for people and business continuity for the organisation and the coding function.
• Provide authoritative expert advice, information, subject matter expertise and guidance to clinical and coding staff and managers to resolve complex coding queries and assignment conflicts, support the discharge of clinical record keeping and coding responsibilities and promote best practice.
• Lead, plan and deliver internal coding meetings which nurture and support participants, encouraging a culture of respectful and open discussion and represent the organisation on external clinical coding/leadership group/s.
• Foster positive relationships with external clinical coding services to continually extend, improve and innovate the overall services provided in line with current trends and best practice.


1. Demonstrated current, high level experience in Clinical Coding at a HIMAA Advanced level using ICD-10-AM current edition with extensive understanding of the relationship between clinical coding, Casemix, DRG classifications systems and Activity Based Funding.
2. Demonstrated experience developing strategies and creating solutions which deliver timely and accurate coding outcomes in an Activity Based Funding and management environment over a range of DRGs including higher complexity/ larger locations.
3. Evidence of effective interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills including, negotiation, reporting and presentation skills.
4. Demonstrated passion for coding, highly developed ability to self-manage and a positive "can-do" attitude.
5. Evidence of clinical literacy and the ability to influence clinical staff.
6. Demonstrated understanding and experience in developing and delivering education and support to a range of staff including across a large geographic area.
7. Evidence of attention to detail in monitoring, analysing, forecasting and reporting coding metrics that positively influence business outcomes.
8. Evidence of a current unrestricted drivers' licence and the ability to maintain. Ability and willingness to drive/travel as the role requires. This may involve driving long distances and overnight stays


Contact Name: Lisa Mill
Contact Title: Manager Performance Analysis and Casemix
Phone: (02) 6150 7370
Email: Lisa.mill@health.nsw.gov.au

Reference Number: 


Applications Close On: 
20 October 2019