WW6574 - Health Information Systems (HIS) Support Officer - Full-Time - Beyond Essential Australia - Tonga


  • To support the successful implementation of the integrated Tupaia/DHIS2 Public Health digital reporting system and ensure Ministry level operational capacity is established and sustained.

    Specific supplementary objectives of the position include:

  • Enhance staff capacity for using database tools and programs
  • Enhance staff capacity to incorporate the use of evidence into their day-to-day decision making
  • Facilitate the development of a digital health information strategy, and establishment of a digital health information committee
  • Draw on resources from other countries and regional organisations (such as the Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network or PPHSN) to assist Ministry of Health staff to develop surveillance and health information system data documentation such as case definitions and data specifications.
  • Support the DHIS2/Tupaia system in its first years of active use, including on the side of data collection at primary healthcare facilities, so that it becomes embedded in regular practise
  • Assist teams in building regular reports (e.g. quarterly and annual at minimum) out of DHIS2 that are linked to their work objectives
  • To ensure the inclusion of all people directly affected by the volunteer assignment in the course of your work with the host organisation and host community, including implementing strategies that relate to:

  • Promoting gender equality and empowering women
  • Disability including and
  • Child safeguarding
Responsibilities / Duties: 
  • Work with Ministry of Health section supervisors and with regional organisations to develop an overall digital health information platform for Tonga, drawing on the experience of neighbouring countries who may already have such a strategy (e.g. Vanuatu).
  • Develop an articulated plan with each Public Health Department to demonstrate a clear path for using ‘data for decision making’
  • Develop and monitor relevant indicators and reporting tools for effective use of the system (covering data collection, access and use of dashboards/map overlays)
  • Assist with the updating or development of surveillance and health information system data documentation such as case definitions and data specifications and standard operating procedures or manuals for analysis and reporting and support associated training activities.
  • Develop and/or maintain partnerships with local, regional and international organisations, local and national government, professional and peer networks.

Qualifications, Essential Skills & Experience

  • Tertiary qualifications in Health Information and/or Public Health (majors in Epidemiology, health information, data for decision making), or another field relevant to the assignment.

    Essential Skills And Experience:

  • This role would be ideally suited to a Health Information Manager or health practitioner with a strong public health and IT background.
  • Expert technical experience in the field of Health Information Systems and/or Public Health Surveillance
  • Proven experience in developing documentation, plans and strategies for health information and improving data governance
  • Outstanding communication skills with a demonstrated ability to collaborate with a range of professionals and people
  • Demonstrated success in building skills of others through formal/informal training and mentoring
  • Ability to articulate strategies for using data for decision making
  • Essential Personal Competencies: (Compulsory)
  • Commitment to team work, coaching, and mentoring others
  • Awareness and sensitivity of cross-cultural settings
  • Patience, tolerance and flexibility
  • Ability to cope with cultural isolation and a different standard of living
  • A preparedness to work with limited resources within a challenging environment
  • Committed to gender equality, children protection and disability inclusion

All applications must be submitted online through the Australian Volunteers Program website. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to register on our website prior to applying.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are encouraged to apply for this assignment.

Applications Close On: 
12 April 2019