WW6480 - Clinical Coding Manager - (Full-time) - Queensland Children’s Hospital, South Brisbane, QLD

The position of Clinical Coding Manager is responsible for the day to day operation of the clinical coding team. They require a high level of clinical coding knowledge and experience across a range of specialties as their responsibilities include training, education and auditing to ensure a high standard of coding accuracy, consistency and timeliness.

Responsibilities / Duties: 

You will fulfil the accountabilities of this role in accordance with the CHQ HHS core values and as outlined below.

  • Manage the day to day activities of the clinical coding team to ensure that coding deadlines are met.
  • Develop and monitor procedures and guidelines that facilitate accurate and timely completion of clinical coding and related activities such as workload distribution and statistics, Clinical Documentation Queries and so on.
  • Tailor and deliver a training program for new staff depending on level of knowledge and expertise.
  • Provide ongoing education and mentoring for clinical coding staff.
  • Conduct individual coder audits and any other quality improvement activities as directed by the Director Health Information Service.
  • Facilitate Coding Education Meetings.
  • Maintain and develop knowledge of coding-related systems, standards, clinical practices and Activity Based Funding (ABF) trends and developments.
  • Membership of Clinical Coding Authority of Queensland (CCAQ) in order to play a lead role in decision making for complex or contentious coding issues both locally and throughout the state.
  • Clinical coding as required to assist the clinical coding team to meet Queensland Health deadlines and ABF requirements.
  • Act in conjunction with the Clinical Coding Optimisation Audit and Health Information Liaison teams to lead and motivate clinical coding staff to provide a quality service.
  • Adhere to relevant Queensland Health policies, standards and relevant legislative requirements, providing feedback on recommendations for improvements to Line Manager.
  • Actively participate in a working environment supporting quality human resources management practices including employment equity, anti-discrimination, work, health and safety, and ethical behaviour.
  • Develop a positive culture within the Clinical Coding team which encourages and recognises high performance, builds leadership capabilities and supports staff to maximise their health and wellbeing.

  • Appointment to this position requires proof of qualification in the International Classification of Diseases and Operations with the appropriate registration authority, including any necessary endorsements to be provided to the employing service prior to the commencement of duty.
  • Additional qualifications in Advanced Clinical Coding and Coding Auditing training would be well regarded.
  • Degree in Health Information Management or equivalent highly desirable
  • Eligibility for full membership of HIMAA


Deborah Jeffers
A/ Senior Director Health Service Information Management
Phone: 07 3068 5741
Email: deborah.jeffers@health.qld.gov.au

Reference Number: 


Applications Close On: 
3 December 2018