WW6433 - District Coding Manager - (Full_time) - District Coding Manager - Hunter New England Local Health District , Hunter, NSW

Location: Negotiable within Hunter New England Local health District
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Responsible for the professional leadership of clinical coders across Hunter New England Local Health District. Through the provision of direct support and organisation of relevant programmes for coders, the Manager will facilitate and ensure the maintenance of a high level of coding quality and accuracy across the District and ensure completion of coding within designated deadlines.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Manager's position is key to developing and maintaining a strong well educated and appropriately resourced coder workforce capable of achieving high quality and timely output. The Manager will develop and employ appropriate education, mentoring, support and audit programmes, and resources to ensure a sustainable and effective coder workforce in Hunter New England.

The Coding manager will also work with Clinicians to ensure that clinical documentation is of the highest quality to facilitate best practice coding and communication.


This is a senior District role vital to ensuring the accuracy of HNE Health's clinical documentation and coding. As such the incumbent must have good coding skills and sound strategic management and communication skills. The Manager's prime responsibility is to facilitate and ensure the accuracy, quality and timeliness of clinical coding which is central to the District's Activity Based Management.

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Applications Close On: 
14 October 2018