Direct Debit Form

From Thursday 13 March 2014, HIMAA is offering a Credit Card Direct Debit facility for all Membership fees. This means that HIMAA members will no longer have to respond to invoice emails in order to renew their membership each year. New members will have the option of using the service from the outset.

With the Direct Debit Authority option members will receive a notification 14 days prior to their renewal date that their credit card account will be debited on that date. On the renewal date, a second email will be sent receipting payment. What could be simpler?

The direct debit will be for the Member's preferred membership option. However, in the 14 day notification, you will be invited to review the options available in case you wish to select a different package.

We know HIMAA members value their engagement with the profession, and this new service will enable you to avoid the trail of renewal reminders and phone calls from the HIMAA Membership team, sometimes risking loss of membership altogether.

Continuity of membership has cost benefits with HIMAA in addition to the obvious professional value. Discounts on the 2 year advance payments start at 10%, and increase to 12% from 5 years and 15% from 10 years.

As an additional incentive, HIMAA will waive the 2% credit card charge if payment is made by the Direct Debit Authority.

So why not step off the Renewal Invoice treadmill and step up for our new Credit Card Direct Debit facility? It's secure in more ways than one. Being an association of health information management, our financial security is second to none. And your continuing membership with the association also remains secured for as long as you wish.

Don't wait for your next renewal. Click the link below and, once the PDF comes up, click on your download option, save to your computer, open the form in Adobe, type into the open fields, click on 'submit' and the job is done. If you're not using MS Outlook as your main email system, once you've completed the form, attach it to your email and send it to

Find and download your Direct Debit Authority form below

Direct Debit Authority Form 2019