Find below a list of Policies in relation to Education Services:

Policy Name Policy Standard Operating Procedure
Training and Assessment Strategies and Practices Policy SOP
Industry Relevance Policy SOP
Learner Support Services Policy SOP
Assessment Policy SOP
Trainers and Assessors Policy SOP
Individuals Working Under Supervision of a Trainer Policy SOP
Transitioning of Training Products Policy SOP
Quality Assurance of RTO Operations Policy SOP
Issuing, Maintaining and Accepting Statements of Attainment and AQF CeCertification and Access to Records Policy SOP
Unique Student Identifier (USI) Policy SOP
Providing Accurate and Accessible Information and Advertising and Marketing Policy SOP
Learners Informed and Protected Policy SOP
Complaints and Appeals Policy SOP
Governance and Administration Policy SOP
Cooperating and Coomunicating with the VET Regulator Policy SOP
Student Management System Downtime Policy SOP
Privacy and Confidentiality Policy SOP

A list of documents related to the above policies can be found below

Complaints and Appeals Flow Chart