What is a unit of competency?

A unit of competency is the specification of knowledge and skill, and the application of that knowledge and skill, to the standard of performance expected in the workplace.  A unit of competency is the smallest unit that can be assessed and recognised.
Competency standards define the skills and knowledge to operate effectively in employment and how they need to be applied. Each unit of competency consists of several components

  • employability skills are non-technical skills and competencies which play a significant part in contributing to an individual’s effective and successful participation in the workplace
  • elements within a unit of competency describe the skill outcomes that contribute to a unit or what skills are required to perform the work activity
  • performance criteria specify the required level of performance or what level of skill is needed
  • required skills and knowledge describe the essential skills and knowledge required to effectively perform in the workplace
  • range statement relates to the unit of competency as a whole providing the range of contexts and conditions to which the performance criteria apply. It allows for different work environments and situations that will affect performance
  • evidence guide within a unit of competency describes the underpinning knowledge and skills that must be demonstrated to prove competence
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